A good title: the key to interaction

Despite the continued effort to create relevant and unique content, only a small percentage of the information shared daily, including press releases, deserves the attention of the intended target audiences. One of the most common reasons starts with a bad title. A BuzzSumo study, which analyzed 100 million headlines, reveals that “a good headline can entice and engage your audience to click, to read, and to share your content. In many cases, headlines are the thing that is shared rather than the article.”

The same study reveals several tips for making a headline more appealing and seductive and, thus, lead to more interaction. Right from the start, it is suggested that the link between the content and the potential impact on the reader must be explicit – i.e., our focus should be on realizing the possible interest of our audience (individually or segmented) in our content. A good headline should also portray a trend, answer a relevant question and be friendly with researches and search engines, to allow your content to be found. Finally, it is important that it arouses curiosity, has a touch of emotion and uses tools that analyze and score its performance.

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