Crisis Management

Reputation is a fundamental truth in the life and sustainability of a business. It takes a lot of time to build and it can be destroyed in seconds. Accidents and incidents happen. And if they have not happened yet, they will happen. This is another business truth.

What distinguishes success from failure, crisis from opportunity, is the way one anticipates and reacts to unforeseen events.

In the disruptive and viral times we are living today, when an issue suddenly arises to undermine the reputation and/or sustainability of our business, we should avoid the usual “stick our head in the sand” and wait for the storm to go away. Regardless of whether the issue to be managed is large or small, more or less serious, one fact is certain: the storm will not go away just because we want it to. However, if we are able to quickly identify the crisis focus and comprehend what steps need to be taken next, probably because we were able to anticipate them, more likely we are prepared to overcome this or other subsequent setbacks.

In these delicate moments, when it is important to preserve the reputational integrity of your brand, we have a very experienced team in permanent alert (24/7).

  • Define speakers, relevant media and contingency plans

  • Internal and external communication

  • Follow-up and final reports

  • Training speakers

  • Anticipate and evaluate impacts on reputation

  • Permanent alert (24/24h)