When the micro has a macro impact

Digital influencers have helped to reinvent marketing and public relations, quickly becoming the goose that lays golden eggs for many brands. Despite the impact of the pandemics on the economy – and the respective decrease in sponsored content – in recent months, it is time for brands to return to strategies that include micro and nano-influencers. In a world full of egos, it is much more difficult to influence than simply having that status, and marketers have realized this a long time ago. Consequently, the focus has been increasingly on niche influencers who promise performance and a significant impact in exchange for a limited investment. The reason is simple: they present a close, interactive, and human relationship with their followers, giving credibility to the content they convey and favoring the longed-for engagement. At a time when audiences privilege more than ever genuineness and authenticity, they seem to be the right ambassadors for your branded content. In a world full of life’s Kardashians, this strategy may result in a greater reach and, consequently, more sales. The watches brand Daniel Wellington, pioneer in influence marketing, “is the perfect example of leveraging influencer marketing to scale their business“. Another example of success in this field is the global chain of fast-food restaurants McDonald’s, which, when organizing a flashmob with micro and nano-influencers, managed to impact consumers around the world.

Thanks to Jan Baborák for sharing their work on Unsplash.

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