Editorial and Branded Content

The quality of the editorial and brand content is essential for an effective and consistent communication.

Clear, concise and intuitive messages and concepts, easily adaptable and replicable across multiple formats and platforms, provide unparalleled value to consistent and effective PR communications.

To ensure that your story is well told, there are two ingredients that you cannot miss: up-to-date, relevant and tailored editorial and branded concepts and contents (text, photo or video). This is where our experience comes in, designing and proposing to the natural and current storytellers (journalists, opinion leaders or digital influencers and celebrities) all the elements that help them impact and seduce your audiences, but also create ongoing relationships with your multiple stakeholders (final customers, employees, other companies or institutions).

We work on text-content in several languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

  • Multimedia

  • Q&A

  • Opinion editorials

  • Speeches

  • Scripts for corporate advertising