How much is cybersecurity worth?

The recent times have further accelerated the already thrilling pace of progressive digitization of (almost) everything that has to do with our daily lives. That’s not news. In fact, this is a little bit more of the same. However, when we realize that, in the middle of the pandemics, a Private island off Ireland’s south coast [was] sold for €5.5m via video, we realize that it is time to hurry up and bet all cards on credible and visible digital brand communication strategies. If, not too long ago, an online shopping experience was a bid deal to many of us, today it is a fast and intuitive process for almost everyone. But there is an issue that remains unsolved since the early days of digital: the security of our data and the reliability of research and purchase processes. And, despite all innovations and legislation in this respect, including the recent General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR), the fact is that we remain particularly (or even more!) exposed to false, illegitimate or even pure malware content – particularly harmful in its latest version, ransomware. Increasingly ‘connected’ and with a growing digital footprint, we’ve never been closer to unpleasant or even disastrous browsing and shopping experiences… for our finances or to the preservation and integrity of our data. Now, with all of last decades’ investment in a distinctive and reliable customer service in the physical universe, what are brands currently doing to ensure safe and memorable interactions in digital? Fortunately, some, like the global consultancy firm Accenture, are strongly investing in the strengthening of their capabilities to “keep their customers safe from cyber threats” – and, as revealed in the Allianz’s Risk Barometer 2020, “Cyber-risk is the biggest threat to companies”.

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