Share data or stories? Both!

Brands have, at their disposal, increasingly detailed and authentic information about their audiences. But, while access to data is facilitated, it is what is done with those insights that makes the difference and adds value at the time of the storytelling.

When we want to share stories with our audience, data plays a challenging role, as referred to in the article The impact of data in brand storytelling, “data can help brands to identify what questions consumers have, when they have them, and to enable brands to answer them in a compelling way.” As marketers and public relations professionals, by knowing in depth who our audiences are and what they want, we can tell genuine and engaging stories they relate to. This article highlights also the exemple of Spotify, which, based on the most played songs, created billboards with messages as “transparent” as “Dear person who played ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentine’s Day, what did you do? ”.

As a brand, we cannot limit ourselves to telling just one more story. In such a competitive and dynamic era, where who makes the difference wins, using these insights helps us enhance engagement and connection with our audiences – via original, unexpected, unique and relevant content.

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