The impact and humanization of experience

As consumers, we are increasingly demanding, informed, and intolerant to hollow experiences. If, on the one hand, a pleasant interaction positively influences a purchase, on the other, a less good one may be enough to lose a customer forever. The opinion we share about a brand comes from the way it makes us feel – and today we privilege conversations without filters, formalities or very technical terms.

According to the survey Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right, conducted by pwc global, “speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service” are the most important elements when defining a good consumer experience, with 73% of respondents to consider “consumer experience” as a decisive factor in making them feel “heard, seen and appreciated”, something with “an impact that can be measured in dollars and cents”.

The future of the relationship between brands and audiences inevitably goes through technological advances and increasingly autonomous and intelligent machines – which continually improve the mechanisms of interaction and the time spent by the latter with the former. But, as the report stresses, “technology isn’t the final solution, it’s an enabler” – as, despite technological progress being continuous and becoming ubiquitous, consumers still prefer human interaction. The challenge is to “use technology with purpose to make the experience feel more human. (…) Take advantage of automation, but ensure that consumers can reach a human when one is needed”.

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