Use (but don’t overuse) emojis

They appeared in 2011 and, contrary to what we might still think, emojis are not only used by teenagers. They are fun, intuitive and can add a touch of color and personality to even the most boring email and, therefore, end up representing an indispensable part of the digital world. Its impact is such that, as the article 5 Essential Tips for Emoji Marketing in 2019 reveals, “Facebook posts that use emojis receive 57% more likes and 33% more comments and shares than those that don’t use them”.

Emojis can boost your communication and marketing strategy, allowing your brand to connect and seduce your audiences with new messages, without having to worry about language barriers. And, beyond creating engagement in a variety of channels and digital platforms, they confer personality and identity to your business, also contributing to humanize it.

It should, however, be reminded that its use must be thoughtful and parsimonious, in order not to cause irritation, confusion or even unnecessary equivocal. Furthermore, as a marketer and/or public relations professional, we should never neglect the authority and authenticity of the written word. If it is true that an image may worth a thousand words, sometimes “that” single word is enough and not a funny – possibly, uncomfortably or mindlessly – image.

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