Brand identity … consistent and without hesitation

A brand identity is the face and personality of a business and undoubtedly a crucial aspect of any communication strategy. It’s not just an eccentric logo or a name that no one can pronounce, but rather the graphic and inspirational essence that allows you to consistently and effectively impact your target audiences and/or stakeholders.

Well, defining a strong and memorable identity, one of the most important tasks in the activity of a marketer or public relations professional, takes time and implies being certain of what the brand is, does (and how!), brings new (or doesn´t!) and what it shows to be (positioning) over time. As summarized in the article A closer look at creating a strong brand identity, “A brand lives in everyday interactions it has with its prospects and customers, including the images it shares, the messages it posts on its website, and the posts on social networks.”

When defining our identity, we must take into account a number of aspects such as colors, lettering, signature or the design itself. Undoubtedly, the logo (based on the example of Coca Cola, whose logo is recognized by 94% of the population), but also the tone and language used, are essential to the success of our business. The more consistent and coherent these (and many other) aspects are, the more easily the audience recognizes and engages, as “the brand is not what it says it is, but the way the customers perceive it”.

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