The price of the truth in times of pandemic

At a moment when we are trying to recover a “certain” normality, but where almost everything remains uncertain, we must seek and demand credible sources of information in our news space. In times of pandemic, the scourge of fake news and the uncontrolled massification of the most rambling conspiracy theories are a few of the constants we can count on. Now, to combat the continuous flow of disinformation, as fast or faster than the spread of the coronavirus, we must not like or share unverified news or that do not come from a credible or official source. After all, an informed population is a population capable of following the instructions and group behaviors required by the authorities in times of health crisis. This is where the traditional gatekeepers come up, the journalists and the media, who, due to their endemic exemption, rigor and truth, remain the best true news tellers. And, to combat the ‘infodemic’ that pollutes our lives and can seriously contaminate our opinions, UNESCO, addressing topics such as the prevention, disinformation, and education, has produced audio resources to combat disinformation with useful and relevant information about the virus in 11 different languages. The Portuguese television rubric Polígrafo, which verifies the veracity of what is shared in the public space, is yet another example of how the media truth, together with the medical and scientific, continue to be the best and most effective weapons in the fight against pandemics – virologic, informative or any other.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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