The virus is highly contagious and so is solidarity

It is in challenging moments, like the one we live in today, that we reveal our fiber, who we are and the limits of our humanity. That applies to each of us as individuals, but also, collectively, to economic agents or policymakers. Without counterparts or return on investment analysis. Just for civic appeal and citizenship. Today, more than ever, communities are united around a single cause, showing how compassion and empathy can help overcome fear and difficulties – especially, those faced by the most fragile and unprotected. The examples of strength and mutual help have multiplied in the last weeks, from entire families on balconies in Italy or Portugal singing or applauding, honoring the health professionals and everyone on the front line, to solidarity projects that help basic needs to reach risk groups, such as SOS Vizinho (SOS Neighbor) or Alimente esta ideia (Feed this idea). But forms of aid don’t end here. You can also purchase goods or services at stores or micro-businesses in your neighborhood or community, donate 0.5% of your IRS to an institution like UNICEF or other public utility or not contribute to the spread of fake news on social media. There are various forms at your reach, all at the distance of a click.

Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

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