Brands with one foot in the future

The world is experiencing an unprecedented moment of pause, defined by uncertainties and countless questions about what comes next… at all levels. However, after this long confinement, all of us – and also brands and businesses – will have to restart our lives and our activity, even if in a new normal still unknown. As one says, crises represent opportunities; of course, this is a motto that only accessible to those (visionaries and also makers) who risk and try to see further away, exploring new sectors, trends, or realities. After all, although relatively distant, in a post-Covid-19 future we will have a consumer particularly vulnerable by the impacts of this crisis, but also, and for that reason, much more sensitive, demanding, and attentive to everything he consumes. Meeting the new routines and needs of the population is, in this sense, the first major step to take. Some more attentive companies, such as Johnson & JohnsonIndicoCellnex, or Finerge, are already doing it, investing or reinforcing their position in sectors such as healthcare, technology or renewable energies. For a more balanced, healthy and sustainable future.

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