LinkedIn: from online networking to direct contact

With more than 610 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. The perfect place to expand contacts, follow trends, gather references and interact with other professionals. However, the management of this engagement network must be efficient and consistent. Regardless of the size, type of clients or your company’s activity, do not discard the many benefits of this professional platform.

In the article, LinkedIn Can Actually Be Helpful If You Use It Right, several tips are suggested to take advantage of this important tool, such as learning to tailor messages subjected to the audience, sharing useful and valuable content or ensuring that sharing promotes interaction. In a kind of conclusion, the same article also highlights the human component, reminding that LinkedIn “can help open a lot of doors (…) but it’s no substitute for a more personal, real-world interaction. Once you’ve laid the necessary with a potential new client, or someone you hope will become your next boss, it’s time to take things off the platform.”- In other words, move on to a direct contact.

(Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

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